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21 Feb 2015
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County Durham
I know it was a long time ago now but I still remember the games masters at school stressing the importance of a warm up routine before doing any physical activity. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be doing this before going into a cold workshop? I wasn't doing anything particularly strenuous or even all that physical and I hadn't been in there for long afore I twinged something in my back. Not enough to incapacitate me, more like the bruise one continually falls on, more irritating than painful.

I was never the most sporty of kids though, not something that's improved in adulthood and back then just the warm up was enough to wear me out!
would be more likely to be a movement or position that caused the injury than the amount of effort. No amount of warm up will do you any favours in this regard.

I suggest a full ergonomic survey of you work area to identify possible human factors that resulted in this musculoskeletal anomaly. :) if that doesn't work, employ a consultant to undertake the review for you, don't worry, it will most likely be the colour of the lamps that is wrong.
be careful, that's how my back problems started, the key is knowing what movements trigger it off, I now know exactly where my vulnerability is in my back now through seeing an osteopath, which has helped me to prevent it ....I don't really warm up but I try and avoid insanely cold days and have found insulating the garage door has helped with thermawrap, probably a 5 somtimes 10 degree difference which might not sound like much but when it's bitterly cold it's enough to make it bearable, also look at your bench height, if it's too low back problems are guaranteed, what qualifies as the best height though is almost as bad as a sharpening thread on here.
Your all going to giggle like school girls at me I know but:_

1) I do a first thing each day stretching out that I learned some 30+ yrs ago. It helps to keep me loose and somewhat supple.

2) I do 100 press-ups a day in three sets of 3x12 ( I know that's really 108 but who is counting)

3) I lift weights (dumb bells and a weight bar) daily for 30 minutes

3) I finish my day with a repeat of the stretching exercises.

In between I try to get a job done.

I'm 72 still work a demanding sales job against a personal quota of £3.8m but will give that up when I am 75.

I do not do any of this on weekends as that is my workshop time and the world can go to the devil until Monday comes as far I am concerned.

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