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12 Sep 2017
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I'm not using some of my machines much these days and am struggling whether or not to move them on or hang onto them for the occasional project.

So I am wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to protect them with dust sheets of some description, as I am leaning towards keeping them for the occasional project.

Is there a special sort of dust sheet I should use? I'm sure in the mists of time that I once read of "oiled dust sheets" that reduced the tendency for surface corrosion. I'm not concerned about bespoke/tailor made covers, I think dust sheets would be just fine.

I'm talking about a morticer, bandsaw, table saw, router table, chop saw etc.

Any other tips on semi-storage of machines would be most welcome.


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My workshop is a single skin brick garage. It isn't damp (fortunately) so that helps. When my machines are not in use, I throw a moving blanket (like these Furniture Removal Blankets Std ) over. I do use camelia oil fairly regularly on the iron parts as well. Never had any rust to date.
I guess how frequently you want to use the machines, oiling the tops might be a good idea or ac50. Or a coating of wax?

The less your using them the more you want them protected.

Nothing worse than coming into workshop and finding rusty tools.
I find cotton sheets and old towels retain damp.
Synthetics are best. Any type of fleece material or furniture removers blankets for durability.
Now the kids are grown, some fabrics bought to make dressing up costumes have become surplus and have been co-opted for the workshop.

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