Dust Extraction from Compound Sliding Mitre Saw


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John on the Wirral

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23 Dec 2021
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I am a volunteer at the Ellesmere Boat Museum working in the Heritage Boatyard wood shop. We are trying to develop a dust extraction hood for our compound mitre saw. It is a Milwalkie with no pick up points for dust extraction. Has anyone tackled this problem before? I was thinking of some form of overhead hood attached to a mobile dust extractor via a 12cm convoluted tube. The hood would not have to interfere with the mechanical lift and slide motions. It is the light dust that is our greatist concern and maybe a hood would lift this if the hood covers the extremes of the saw. However,although most waste seems to come off the back of the machine we would need to extract from all areas. Has this problem been solved before or is there a proprietry product? We would appreciate any advice.

The usual arrangemnt for this sort of thing is a box at the back of the machine connected to a powerful extractor which creates a strong rearward air flow past the machine and can be pretty good at capturing dust. Some thing around 300mm square should work but it ishelpful if this can be moved in both directions horizontally to cope with table rotation. Adjustment of blade angle is less of a problem as this barely affects dust direction. These machines produce a lot of dust and the inbuilt dust ports are, in my experience next to useless . The sort of arrangement I have described is not perfect but should be vastly better.

I just drag my machine outside......no problems....

the rear hood funnel type box I would think needs to be nearer 500mm with a dedicated extractor...def not a vac.......

for airbourne dust I have made this......too tight to spend £2-300 on some fancy box from Axi or other overpriced sellers.........
mine comes on with the lights....hanging on the same chains....
so u know, a £20 new, 4" fan will move 20lts of air per second....that.s a 6incher out of a skip....think about 35 watts....so cheap to run....
Try this simple trick, just push the extractor hose into the pop up bin.
Total cost £2 to 4 quid.

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