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Sold Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Sliding Mitre Saw 240v


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29 Oct 2018
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Northallerton, North Yorkshire
I've owned the saw from new in mid 2021 and it's been used sparingly for hobby work (indoors only) only but as I now have shared working space with access to other equipment, it's surplus to requirements. Other stuff to follow including a Woodrat.

Great overall condition with some very slight marks on the bed, as would be expected. Original blade with no chips to the 48 teeth and comes with the manual and clamp (unused).

Detailed specs are available online but in brief -
- 1600w soft start motor (no load speed 5500rpm)
- 70mm x 312mm cutting capacity at 0°
- 70mm x 225mm at 45° mitre
- 70mm x 312mm at 45° bevel
- compact extension tables
- two-point dust extraction
- laser cutting line (which I've found accurate)
- portable at 17.3kg with a carrying handle
- stops at common angles
- trenching and single bevel capability

Given the saw's condition, I'm looking for £225 and am based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire for viewing/testing. I'm willing to discuss meeting up somewhere if the buyer is further afield or I maybe able to drop off if more local. I won't entertain couriers/postage, etc.

If any further information or photos are required, please PM me.

Cheers - Dave


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