New 'budget' mitre saw recommendation - Erbauer/Bosch/other?

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29 Sep 2021
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Hi everyone

Just joined the forum as it seems to have very knowledgeable contributors. Looking for some advice on a mitre saw to purchase please.

I’m a DIYer that recently moved into a new house, where there are lots of jobs that need doing, but I have also taken an interest in woodworking and in the middle of building my first workbench (foldable for wall storage). Amongst many other things, I may want to build some cabinets, shelving units, garden furniture etc. I dream of building a large shed/workshop one day if I ever get time, but that’s a long way off yet and out of my skill level currently.

I’ve recently purchased a Makita SP6000 Plunge Saw (240v), which seems impressive so far. I have been using a 14+ years old Parkside (Lidl) mitre saw to cut some 4x2s but found it’s not cutting quite on 90 degrees and the fence adjustment is very poor. There also appears to be a lot of lateral play in the arm which may drastically change each cut depending on whether slight force is applied towards one side when pulling down the arm. The motor/mechanism is also extremely noisy. Therefore, I thought I might treat myself to a newer and better mitre saw with higher depth and height capacity.

I’m not sure yet how important it is to spend a lot on a mitre saw or how much I’ll use it yet, so didn’t want to go too mad. But at the same time, I don’t want to buy something that feels substandard, just to save a few quid. I think I’m better off buying a stand for it as well, as I don’t have any permanent workbench space now.

I was looking at these possible options and have noted some key points on each:

Erbauer EMIS254S (£199)
Erbauer EMIS254S 254mm Electric Double-Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw 220-240V
  • 305 x 90mm crosscut capacity
  • 1800W motor
  • Double-bevel
  • 48-tooth blade
  • Trench cutting
  • Electronic brake
  • No soft start
  • Lack of spares/repair options – 2-year warranty
Bosch GCM 8 SJL (£285)
  • 312 x 70mm crosscut capacity
  • Slightly lower depth cutting capacity
  • 1600W motor
  • Single bevel
  • 24-tooth blade
  • Soft start
  • More likely to have spares - 3-year warranty
  • Well-known worldwide brand
The ‘official’ stands for either are around £100.

I know sliding mitre saws are pretty huge (depth being a particular problem), but I’m not sure if there’s much between these two, as neither seem compact. I’m quite keen to get a large capacity one, because I don’t want to feel it’s not big enough later on. Not sure if I’ll regret it being too big and awkward to move around though!

Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts/issues on either of these, or key reasons to choose one over the other. I’m also open to other recommended makes/models in this price range.

Thank you in advance.

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