Workbench from thicker slabs

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27 Nov 2020
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I have finally found someone who is willing to buy my workbench and once sold I will be on the brink of making a new one.

I was sourcing lumber online and I found people who are selling 75 - 80 mm thick boards of oak/walnut/ash, that have been air-dried for 7 - 10 years.

My naive question is what could go wrong if I used single 120x80 boards for legs and stretchers and two wider 80 mm thick boards for the top (legs will be tenoned from the bottom) and there will be a gap in the middle (so they will not be glued together).

What should I be aware of when buying air-dried wood?

There is not so much material to be bought, as with a laminated top, so I am not that concerned about the price.

air dried is ideal, you'll just have to watch for any tensions released if cutting them up, it may move so always buy more than you need, if it's been drying for 7-10 years I wouldn't worry too much.
I cant see how it will not work other than the top boards moving. If you keep the boards in your workshop for a while and they dont move then its likely good to proceed. That said it's a lot of good wood that could be put to better use. Pine will make a perfectly good bench.