Workbench top wood selection

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4 inch thick seems a bit chunky. 2 or 3 should be fine . 12 by 2 will be spruce like scaffold boards. 9 by 2 redwood would be a lot better. especially for hand planing. quebec yellow pine is soft but lovely and stable and light big knots though.
It looked dark wood for pine so maybe redwood - I will ask the man next time I am there- other projects to finish before I start that
I went to get some 6x2 to upgrade my workbench but left my card at home (it was in my work phone cover!) I need to clear the bench. Did a bit of moving around. Bagged up a load of tools and saws for men's shed. Put my spare chisels in an old briefcase as the drawer will be covered by a deeper apron.
Likewise my measuring drawer....