Woodworkers tool kit 1962-4 style


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26 Dec 2017
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I had something bought on ebay delivered last week wrapped in paper recycled from 1962 and 1964 editions of Practical Householder magazine.
A couple of the adverts caught my eye.
This is one of them :


It's been a year since we had a good tool kit thread. What do you think ?
I didn't start work, officially, until 1970 so I'm wondering, would £16/17/6 have been <> a weeks wages?
Interesting that the lower one whilst containing woodworking tools also includes a cold chisel, bit out of place really. I wonder if they just had a lot of them to get rid of.
I got this chest about 30 years ago- empty sadly!


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A nice old " Gentleman's" chest you have there. It's interesting that the label lists "turnscrews" not screwdrivers, and a "bevil" not a bevel.
Reads like it was quite a comprehensive kit from list. Dread to think what a kit of same quality would cost today
£20 per week seems a bit high for 1962. I would think more like £15. I started work in 1962 on £4-14-6d a week (Test department- Electrical relay manufacturers). My Dad a carpenter/joiner I believe was on around £15 per week plus overtime.
I hadn’t heard of Gamages but see it was a London department store.

£22.99 today at B & Q will get you the 53 piece Von Haus starter tool kit …

  • 53PC HOME TOOL KIT: The VonHaus tool kit includes all you need to keep on top of a range of DIY jobs around the home – from everyday repairs to emergency plumbing to home decorating.
  • INCLUDED: 16pc hex key set, 8oz claw hammer, 6” longnose plier, 4pc 11-14mm combination wrench set, 20pc 25mm bit set (Phillips, Pozi, slotted, Torx), bit holder, 6pc precision screwdriver set (Phillips, slotted), 9” spirit level, 3.5m tape measure, magnetic pick-up tool.
£337.60 today at Workshop Heaven will get you a starter woodworking tool kit …

The set includes:

  • Boxed set of Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels
  • Rotring 0.7mm Clutch Pencil
  • Quangsheng Marking Gauge
  • Starrett Student Combination Square
  • Gyokucho 651 Ryoba saw (rip and crosscut)
  • King 1200/8000 Japanese Waterstone and Nagura
  • General Purpose Bench Leather
  • Quangsheng Low Angle Block Plane (single iron)
Perhaps the first is not a good comparison as it’s aimed at general DIY rather than woodwork.

Interesting that the second has a strong influence from China and Japan.

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