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19 Nov 2019
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north shields
Hi everyone does anyone have experience of the lumberjack bandsaws? I'm looking at the 14" model possibly for its massive 230mm cutting height! but even with a good blade would it realy resaw 230mm oak or any other hardwood?
The other alternatives are the record bs300 and axminster ones but all these are let down by only 200mm or less cuts.
Any info and advice would be great.
Lumberjack seem to be rebrands of another tool so see if you can find the original. Eg, their cast iron tablesaw is a Rigid copy, they also sell a P/T that's a startling similarity to the Titan, despite costing twice what the titan does.

Haveing a huge cut depth is of no use if the mac ine doesn't have the stones to keep up with the job.

Record I believe mostly has 5 year warranty on stuff too so you at least have some recourse.