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What have I missed?


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Hi everyone,
I have got to come back to the UK for a while, but not long enough to justify shipping everything back as well. Whilst I am back, I will be doing some work for family and on my own place, mainly woodworking but also DIY and some general building work. So now the questions...
I think I'll need a basic power tool set - SDS drill, 14.4v drill driver, 2000w router, jigsaw, circular saw, chopsaw and probably a ROS but I know I am missing something important. I have all the tools here to build a house, so when I need something nowadays, I have it. But are there any tools that I must have and have forgotten about?

Anyone seen the ryobi Take Five in the flesh? any good?

It also worries me about the hand tools, squares, levels etc. I checked the workshop today to see what I would need to take with me as luggage, but after 20 mins I came to the decision I would need everything...about 85kg, so thats a no-go. What basic hand tools does the group recommend?

I would like to keep the budget under a grand, as after six monts or so, they will probably never see the light of day again.


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23 Jul 2003
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Kildare, Ireland
I read a reasonably good review on the Ryobi 5 tools combi in Good Woodworking from about 6 months ago. It scored better than the equivalent Performance brand.