Union Jubilee Harrison lathe


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Paul Sheldon

New member
19 Dec 2019
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Im after some advice please
Just bought a Union Jubilee Harrison lathe and am looking at refurbishing it
Has anyone any manuals on this that they could send me please need help on removing the bearings and could do with a wiring diagram as I am looking at re-wiring it and adding an emergency foot stop to it
Must admit my first impression of this lathe is wow really good lathe I've worked on one at a school I look after
Thanks in advance
Im guessing its my years worth of experience as a gas engineer the spindle and bearings were quite easy to remove and to be fair dont look to bad the belt however has seen better days and will be replaced
Ive removed the motor and will be sending that away for bearing replacements just got to sand the paint off and will either send away for powder coating or respray myself
The electrics are going to be easy to replace although an electrician friend of mine said he would rewire it for me it looks straight forward as its the 240 volt version
Advice to anyone doing this take plenty of pictures as you strip everything out