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Sold Union Jubilee wood turning lathe


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29 Sep 2020
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Bought this with the intention of converting to single phase but then a Graduate and other lathes turned up. Offered for sale ready to use on 3phase or with an inverter (but a 3/4 HP industrial sewing machine is available at extra cost)so it could easily be changed to 240v operation

Was used regularly in a local Men’s Shed setup but lathe became available when they wound up.

Machine dates from 1950s and is very heavy, 0.75 HP Brooks Gryphon motor (3 phase) currently fitted with original switch gear and long length of new armoured cable. These were supplied to many schools so if you’re reading this you may have used one a long time ago. Due to the cast iron construction these machines are renowned for their smooth running and no vibration.

Slightly smaller foot print than the Graduate but very capable machine.

Accessories as shown- long and short tool rests. Out board turning platform.

Variety of faceplates for inboard (RH thread) and outboard (LH thread) which can also be used for sanding. A rudimentary sanding table is there as well. Easily £150 worth of faceplates and centres etc

There is a dedicated Facebook group for this machine with a lot of information and expertise to help owners get the best from their machines, including tips on changing bearings, motors and adding speed controllers.
Machine splits into 3 large sections for transport or can load complete with engine crane

Collection only on this, or send own courier, we are 20 minutes from the M6 and 12 miles from Scottish Border

Delivery/postage/ courier can be organised after purchase I have a contact who regularly travel s up and down the country who has moved a few things for me at good rates


If desired I have a 0.75 hp industrial sewing machine motor 240 v that could be fitted to make it run on normal domestic supply (for small extra charge)