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Sold Smart and Brown engineering lathe


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6 Jul 2015
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I know this is not strictly woodwork related, but I know there are a few people on here interested in the dark side!

Smart And Brown Lathe Model M mk2. I bought this lathe intending it to be all the machine I would ever need for my home workshop. Plans change though and it's time for it to move to a new home. As far as I am aware I'm only the 3rd owner.
3 phase power, although it would be easy to convert to single phase with either a new motor or VFD. Personally I ran it on a static phase converter as I didn't want to change the lovely original brass switchgear.

It's in excellent condition for its age and comes with:
2x 3 Jaw chucks with inside & outside jaws
1x 4 jaw chuck
Catch plate
Fixed & traveling steadies
Selection of collets and drawtube
Original instructions
Huge quantity of changegears, including the 127T for metric screwcutting
Original tools
Rohm revolving centre
Drill chucks
Centralised oiler - I planned to fit a one shot system but never got around to it.
Original chrome coolant pipework - hard to find now.

The coolant tank does have a hole in it and the pump is disconnected, but this is an easy fix - it just runs on a vee belt.

This is an industrial quality machine - it may be of similar capacity to a myford but it would eat one for breakfast! With that in mind though it is VERY heavy and will require collection. It is located in a roadside garage with good access. (South Leicestershire) I can get it to the door easily but you will need to bring means of loading onto your transport - my trailer is the only way I have of getting it to my forklift at work and it is currently full!

If you have any questions, please ask.



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