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For Sale Union Jubilee Wood Turning Lathe Good Condition


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18 Feb 2020
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Chichester West Sussex
Excellent quality restored and used Union Jubilee wood turning lathe

See photos for overall condition and type, it is very good condition, it came to me just over a year ago in quite a poor state, it had been standing it an old workshop for over 20 years unused.

Its been used by myself infrequently mainly for turning tool handles over the last year

I have cleaned it up and restored it as follows

Rather than repainting I gave the paintwork a coat of clear lacquer.
Bearings were removed and replaced with new
Has new drive belt
I removed rust from bed as indicated
I have filed tool rests smooth

I'm only selling as upgraded to a Graduate, whilst I have room for 2 lathes I wouldn't use both.

It has 240V motor on it, all works well as indicated in video ebay link - UNION JUBILEE 240 V WOOD TURNING LATHE GOOD RESTORED CONDITION | eBay

Its missing one grease cap for bearings
The thread on headstock is worn as indicated but still very usable I have used a chuck on it.

Also included
Face plate as indicated
A small hydraulic jack for lifting the motor to assist when changing speeds

I'm based in Chichester West Sussex

I could deliver up to about 50 miles away but will need 65p/mile each way to cover petrol etc

I can dismantle and assist loading - will fit into hatchback/estate car - it is heavy though

Looking for £ 400.00 on here - (currently listed on ebay for £ 449.00)