Turning a spindle moulder into a router table.


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philip sewell

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3 May 2019
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Router tables often crop up so I thought people might like to see my set up.

Originally I bought one of those tables where you bolted the router to the underside and the table pivoted for access. I didn’t like it very much and at the time I had the opportunity of buying an old Cooksley spindle moulder off my old employer for £40 so the seed was sewn to convert the spindle into a router table.

This is going back possibly 20 years and I was doing an evening engineering course at a college in Wigston in Leicester.

With access to their machines and some tuition I made all the parts. I had to take the cast iron top into the college to do some machining which was a bit challenging!

A big downside of most router table systems imo is the plunge depth you loose so I removed the router base and replaced it with a disc the router stems fit straight into. The disc sits flush with the spindle table top and I’m not loosing any plunge depth.

I could improve the rise and fall system but the ratchet drive works ok enabling me to reverse rotation and I’m so used to it I can set it up very quickly.

It works an absolute treat. Having the mass of the cast machine and an industrial fence where I can offset the two sides if needed is great. I can remove the fence and I‘ve got a large surface for template work.

If you have some metal working skills and can find a cheap old cast iron spindle moulder it might be worth having a go.



Interesting adaptation, when I saw the title I imagined you fastening the router cutter to the spindle shaft, I wonder how that would’ve worked – probably not fast enough for a decent cut at that small diameter but certainly quieter. Ian
Edit, does the mass of the machine soak up some of the noise?
Hi Ian,

I believe there are adaptors available to use router cutters on spindle moulders. As you say speed I would have thought would be an issue.

Does anyone on here use router cutters on a moulder?

I’m not sure that the noise levels are any different from handheld.