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9 Jan 2009
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Can anyone help please

I've got a Triton TRB001 on order (after my Freud FT2000 died suddenly). Great feedback from users etc - perfectly happy with my choice

HOWEVER! I'm getting very bad vibes about Triton in the UK.

Firstly: the supplier I'm ordering from (no names mentioned) is taking a long time and has given me the "you should get it in 2 days" story a few times now.

Secondly: Triton Workshop Systems in Caerphilly (the company listed on the parent companies web-site in Australia as being Triton in the UK) is not contactable on the number given and is not listed in BT directory enquiries

Finally: Another UK company clearly specialising in Triton (the clue is in the name) shows the TRB001 as "discontinued". When I phoned to enquire I was advised Triton Workshop Systems had gone out of business and they had de-listed the TRB001 because they couldn't get stock (presumably because effectively the UK distributor is no longer trading)

None of this bodes well - either for getting my order delivered or, perish the thought, any after sales service. Am I being paranoid? Can anyone throw any light on this? Should I cancel and order a DW625!

I've emailed Triton in Australia with the same question but I won't hold my breath for a reply (the web-site states their email form is only for Australia/NZ - as a whinging Pom I need to contact ... wait for it ... Triton Workshop Systems in Caerphilly).

Damn shame all this - the product looks brilliant

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
There are a couple threads on the Australian site, Woodwork Forums, that can shed some light on what is going on. It appears as though the Australian company that owns Triton went into receivership and was sold to another pending some government approval. The outcome to be announced at the end of January. There is also a some changes of distributor in the UK and Europe at the same time. Hopefully it will be worked out and Triton will continue. Still for sale over here so not down and out yet. In the meantime you might want to cancel your order (if they are one of the ones mentioned as not the current distributor) and look for another company to get one from. ... hp?t=84871 ... hp?t=85222

Jake has quicker fingers than I do.
Jake":2hvsfqgh said:
The parent company went into administration recently. ... 62,00.html

Thanks Jake - it sounds like it's probably worse than I feared. Best to know up front.

Back to square one. I fancied the Triton because it would be used almost exclusively in a Veritas table. Router Raizers etc look OK but I don't want to modify the table.

Anyone have any views on the next best option i.e. rack & pinion height adjust (or similar). Bit changing from the top etc. ?

The Caerphilly warehouse and UK HQ ceased trading on the 30th. September 2008. Toolstream is the parent company of Silverline Tools, Yeovil, who have taken over the distribution of Triton products in the UK. They have appointed a dedicated person to oversee the wider distribution and involvement of Triton throughout the UK, but I've no updated info (since I was with him at D & M Tools' show at Kempton Park in my role as demonstrator). were always a reliable and effective company to deal with, but the new distributor chose to treat them rather poorly, IMO. Once their stock has gone, they will not be re-stocking.

E-mailing Australia was, I'm afraid, a complete waste of time. Triton were sold to GMC in Australia a while back and they (GMC) have now folded. Prior to folding they had shut down distribution to everywhere apart from Oz and North America. There's alleged to be a deal on the horizon, but in the current climate that could disappear as quickly as it surfaced.

Places that would have had stock of the TRB001 include:

D & M Tools
Sharpend Services

If the supplier you have the order with is not amongst those, I'd doubt their ability to supply. If you will PM me the name of the company with whom you've placed the order, I'll be able to give you a better opinion.

For the latest position, I suggest that you ring Silverline Tools (01935 382252) or write to:

Marketing Department
Silverline Tools
Lufton Trading Estate
Boundary Way
BA22 8HZ

I only have a mobile number for their dedicated marketing guy and I'm not prepared to give that without his approval, as I'm sure you understand.

I hope that's helped. If not, PM me and let me have your telephone number and we'll try to resolve any other issues. You don't say whereabouts you are, so I don't know whether I could help with one of my stock TRBs.

Many thanks Argee (and Inspector). Yes this is extremely helpful and confirms my worst suspicion.

I've just cancelled the order. I don't suppose it will do any harm to declare it was Protec. I don't actually have any quibble with them. They answer the phone promptly and are very helpful. I don't think they are attempting to fob me off in any way - I just think the people on the phones don't know any different from what the computer's telling them. [I should have guessed £179 inc VAT and carriage was too good to be true!]

I appreciate the advice on finding an alternative source but to be honest if things go badly for GMC I'm not confident in warranty and spare parts availability etc.

I guess nobody got sacked for buying DeWalt but I really did fancy the design features of the Triton.

I'll give it a few days before deciding in case anyone comes up with a better idea.

Thanks again. This is a great forum
I got a TRB from D&M tools the other week, This was after i ordered an MOF before christmas and was told by them that there was serious supply issues, But they had the larger TRB instock so i ordered that instead. Great router if you havent tried D&M yet give them a ring they may still have a few.

There are many very happy users of the Trend T11, good for under table use and/or hand held.

Used in the table it can be height adjusted from above, and the addition of an Xtreme Xtension (extra cost, allows very easy above table bit changing.

Cheers, Paul :D
i've had one of the big Tritons under my routing table for well over a year now and I can't fault it.
Best table router I've ever had, despite their problems, if it a table router you want IMO this is the best.

John. B
This is bad news.
After ages checking, reading up on, planning a table etc I'd finally got to the stage of ordering a MOF001 tomorrow :(
Two things I liked about the Triton MOF was the physical size/weight considering it's a 1/2" router, and the above table adjusting. And the price of course.
What are now my real alternatives ?
Isn't the Trend T11 considerably more expensive ?
Which Dewalt is as good ?
Oh, the questions are endless ............... agghhhhh !!!!!!!
busy builder":1e50o29q said:
Just another of my pointless posts.

Yes, thanks for that.
A quick half hour googling produced 5 or 6 suppliers in the UK.
Current cheapest; Tool Shop Direct. £141 for the MOF001.
We'll see if they have any left .............
Argee":221yr88d said:
Places that would have had stock of the TRB001 include:

D & M Tools
Sharpend Services


I was in Yandles lunchtime picking up some Maple and they had a TRB in stock...i beleive th price was £175
Krysstel":1ec1bba4 said:
busy builder":1ec1bba4 said:
Just another of my pointless posts.

Yes, thanks for that.
A quick half hour googling produced 5 or 6 suppliers in the UK.
Current cheapest; Tool Shop Direct. £141 for the MOF001.
We'll see if they have any left .............

Isn't that a 1/4" router whereas the TRB001 a 1/2" router, with more power ?

Just another of my pointless posts
Googled this morning at 10.05 toolshop direct are selling:
TritonMOF001 1500w - £160.41 1/4" & 1/2"
Troton TRB001 2200w - £214.25 1/4" & 1/2"

D&M... MOF001....1500w - £145.83 1/4" & 1/2"
TRB001.....2200w - £197.77 1/4" & 1/2"

John. B
There is a new big Triton on Ebay for £149.99 with £10 delivery.

Protec are still advertising the TRB at £155 + VAT but as we know listing on a web-site and actually delivering aren't necessarily the same thing. I tried to phone Toolshop Direct but apparently they only deal by e-mail (to keep costs down). That crosses them off my list right away I'm afraid.

FYI. D&M are stating the TRB is "temporarily unavailable" (top marks for being up-front). Yandles Online no longer list Triton (ditto). And the Sharp End website ( isn't responding at the moment.

So ...following advice received I'm now researching the T11. Does anyone have a URL for Trend so I can get some detailed product info? [Damned if I can track it down - obviously my ninja Googling skills are not as ninja as I thought!)

Cheers. And thanks again.