Triton AJA 150 for MK3 workcentre?

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Seb Palmer

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27 Jan 2018
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Howdy folks, I bought an old Triton MK3 about a year and a half back. I’ve been happily using it as a table-saw since then.

But I’ve always wanted to use it with a router as well. It can do both upwards and downwards mounted work, but… it requires an optional part, which I didn’t get with the unit when I bought it.

Triton AUS do a part - AJA 150 - that looks right. But I don’t know if it’ll fir my older workcentre. Anyone know about this?

Also, the only UK suppliers I can find are toolsparesonline, who have a ‘trust pilot’ rating of one-starand would have none if that were possible, judging by the reviews.

I’ve emailed Triton Australia, but have yet to hear back from them.

Can anyone tell me where I might get one? One small caveat; I don’t do eBay, too many issues over the years. Or does anyone have one they can sell me?

Or maybe I should fabricate summat meself!?

Also missing from my Triton work centre: two work-stops and a ‘protractor’ doodad. If anyone has any of these parts, I’m interested. Thanks, Seb
I had a mk3 which I sold a few years back. To use a router there was a different table top, a new fence and the item you show to clamp the router in. I know you hate ebay but search for Triton Workcentre and someone is selling a mk3 with all the necessary parts so at least you can see what you need.
Thanks guys. I’m trying to contact Axis Tools, re the part. And I do have the secondary table for the router (complete with a DIY fence made by the previous owner!). Plus I’ve found the manual online, so I know which parts are missing (eg the aforementioned stops and protractor).
So, Axis Tools tel no is ‘suspended’. Not even sure what that means, but it isn’t good. They’re also listed as having been wound down, although I don’t know if this is the same Axis?

This is also ringing bells, as I think I tried to deal with them over a Titan brand tool that stopped working, and a lot of time was wasted getting nowhere.

So toolsparesonline and axis tools, the only two places I could find online, allegedly stocking the part, appear to be defunct or untrustworthy. And no reply as yet from Triton AUS.

The search continues!