Trend CRT mk3 and T10 router

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23 Feb 2024
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Long time lurker, got many a bit of advice from here,know have my own question.

I’ve just bought a crt mk3 table, to pair it with a t10 router. On assembly, I can’t work out if this has fine adjustment from the table side or not.

Can anyone advise and if so, direct me to instructions for how to set it up!?

Thanks in advance!

Whoops! Well that was a mistaken purchase!

Still a serious upgrade from what I had, but it might be going back on eBay shortly….. I mistakenly saw the adjustment screw & assumed both t10 & t11 could be adjusted from the underside

Thanks for the reply!
keep the table and sell the t10??
Then buy a t11. I've done absolutely loads with that setup - never missed a beat. I doubt it would work for a pro shop - but for DIY / hobby use it works for me.
Yes, that’s probably the more likely route at this stage. The old router I had needed an upgrade anyway (adjustment and clamp wasn’t 100% reliable anymore and definitely a knack to it), the t10 is very nice, however i really was hankering after topside adjustment when i bought the table. T11 is just spendy is all…
you are right - it is spendy, but I can assure you being able to dial in a 0.1mm increase in height as easy as pie is a boon.

Make sure you get one of the (trend) digital depth gauges too - takes any guess work right out of it.
Is the crt mk3 table worth the purchase? I want to buy my first router table. I came across SKIL which is not expensive and nice. I checked reviews and the woodworking folks pointed out that its fence is not reliable. Now I am not sure what to buy.
I've found it very helpful. I primarily bought it for one job to make a template item & then batch produce them as I needed about 40 identical. Worked a treat. As is the case in a lot of these things it's about prep time & setup. Once you have it right, it just runs. T10 is a monster of a router compared to what I was using before too.

In the end I kept the T10 as I'd spent enough already & wanted to get the job done. One of 3 scenarios will play out,
  • I just keep it as it is - most likely
  • I jerry rig something to be able to change tool height more easily - if I use it enough
  • I switch out to a t11 - only if I stumble across a deal. Not actively looking.