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For Sale Trend CRT MK3, T11 router and Bits


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4 May 2018
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Hardly used Trend CRT Mk3 router table and T11 router. Trend 1/2" bit in which ive used probably 2 a couple of times. Comes with all the fixings and extras, also still got the original box. Only piece that has suffered is one of the fences has lost a little of the finish but still works perfectly.

Due to the size its going to be difficult post but could look into it. Willing to meet up if preferred by the buyer

£420 ono

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Hi. Where are you based?
Where you based at?

DERBY!!!.png Bit of a clue!
How reliable is this CRT MK3? I was going to buy a SKIL router table as my first one but the woodworking folks at youtube that reviewed it, pointed out that the fence is not reliable. That was a let down. Now I am not sure what to do.
I've got this same setup, and for a hobbyist like me, it has worked flawlessly since I got it. The T11 lives permanently in the table, adjusted from the top using a trend digital depth gauge.