Trend T7EK Compatibility with UJK Router Lift.

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8 Jun 2023
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United Kingdom
I am purchasing a router lift and would like it to be compatible with the trend7EK which is a router that I already own.
Axminister has said it is not compatible no reasons given. But I was wondering if this might be due to the router having no holes in its base for mounting to the lift. I was wondering if I could drill some holes in the base of the router to match the universal plate would it then fit?
The trend website gives these instructions for fitting a T7EK to a table.
The T7EK router is designed for kitchen fitting etc., it was not developed for use in a router table. If you want to use it in our router tables, the router base and/or table insert plate needs to be drilled for mounting. The switch is also a momentary type “dead mans” so if you want to use in our router tables the switch would need to be strapped closed, in this mode a no volt release switch must be used. (Supplied with both the WRT and CRT/MK3 as standard.) The best way to transfer the holes from the router to the table plate is to remove the black plastic plate of the bottom of the router line this up centrally to the hole in the table plate and transfer the six fixing holes onto the table plate and counter sink.