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4 Mar 2024
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At long last I've got hold of a Startrite Table Saw ! It's obviously seen some action and is in need of some love. I tried ripping down a 100 x 100 fence post and it refused to cut deeper than about 20mm in one go ( I was heading for 50mm ). Despite a new shop bought blade it kept stalling or slipping. It needs a riving knife, a protractor and the electrics tidiyng up but I think with a bit of work will become a valuable piece of kit.
Can anyone suggest the best place to go for spares ? And for some reason the bed has been painted ?? Should I use paint stripper or just sand it off ?


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Hi CrustyCrab,

Your saw is a bit of a Bitsa by the look of it ( bits of this & bits of that).......It states on the machine ID plate that it's a 145 model, but the 145 has a different fence system on it and the 145 only has a single rectangular bar on the front of the saw, not the twin round bars as yours has got.
Those twin round bars and lower part of your fence ( the taller thin plate on the fence, has been added by a previous owner) are found on the 165 model and the 175 & 275 models.

The rise & fall handle is correct for that age of saw, but the blade tilt " wheel" is from a much older saw. It should be matching the rise & fall handle.
The on/off switch is also non original unfortunately.....

Check the tension of the two drive belts and adjust if necessary, as this may be the reason the saw is not cutting as well as expected.

It's very strange for someone to paint the Cast Iron top & fence...?!!
I would suggest a good paint stripper initially and if that fails to remove it all, then progress to a wire wheel in a drill and finally a random orbital sander.

You will also need a blade guard that mounts on your new riving knife.....

Altspares down in Kent have a good selection of spares for Startrite models as well as a few others on the internet.

Regards, Tim.
It’s a harsh thing to say, but it would be cheaper to buy another saw than buy spares. I would either buy a donor saw or another complete saw and sell the remaining parts / saw for spares.