New tool Saturday - Startrite TA 255

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Essex Barn Workshop

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11 Jul 2020
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Loughton, Essex
I've long wanted a Startrite table saw. I know there might be better available, but I've always been drawn to them. I've missed out on several at auctions etc, but on Saturday went and collected a 240V TA255 from a closing down upholstery shop from one of the nicest men you are ever likely to meet.


I paid £236 and it does need a clean, but is in very good condition. It came with 12 spare blades, plus one fitted, as well as the mitre gauge and fence.


some are clearly in better condition than others, but one is unused and in its original box.

I was happy enough, but then saw his 8 complete and one broken sash clamps!


Which he offered for £100, so I accepted of course.

Without me asking, he added two 22G air nail guns and a box of staples


and as I was loading, brought out 3 mahogany table tops and one mahogany veneered board and asked if I'd like them


so all of this for less than what I would have paid for the saw! A happy day.

These pictures were all taken in my barn workshop. Yes it's a bit messy!