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For Sale Elu Flip over saw 240v


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18 Jan 2009
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London UK
I got this second hand, probably 20 years ago. It's missing a few bits and pieces, but it's still in good working order. For the last 10 years it's been mostly tucked under a bench in my workshop, as the tracksaw had really replaced it, and it's too heavy to get out and setup unless I really need it.

In saw bench mode it has easily removable crown guard and a mitre fence. It also has a full length rip fence which I forgot to photograph.


In chop saw mode, there's a plastic dust shroud for undertable extraction, though the fixing bolt is lost.


The blade height adjuster is plastic, and has cracked and been repaired with a brass ring and acrylic putty.


Before it came into my ownership it had some misadventures. The blade has hit the riving knife at some point.


A bent aluminium component that lives between the cowl and the retractable blade guard has fouled the blade on occasion, so I removed it.


The induction motor is nice and quiet, but direct drive means it has a slightly limited depth of cut. It doesn't have a tilt arbour, so it saw bench mode it can only cut square to the table, and it has no brake like modern saws, so runs on for a long time after the power is cut.

I'm asking £100, collection or possibly local delivery as it's too heavy to ship. I'm in New Barnet, North London.
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