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Sold Axminster TS250 table saw plus extras for sale


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20 Feb 2023
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Woking, GU21
Due to divorce/downsizing I’m selling my table saw. It is located in Woking and I’m looking for £250.

I paid £399.95 for the saw plus a further £94.96 for the right hand table. I have both receipts if required.

Included in the sale is the saw, the extended fence plus original, and two brand new blades (making 3 in total). There are also a couple of zero clearance inserts and I’ll also throw in a nice crosscut sledge.

Not included, is the actual right hand (pressed steel) metal table, nor any of the guards or riving knife. Also note, the dust catching tray which sat in the bottom of the case and channelled the sawdust to the extraction port has also been removed. The sawdust falls straight through the bottom of the saw now.

I had built a nice bench for the saw with left and right extension tables for the extended fence, with a hopper underneath, but I will be keeping that as the top also houses my router and the drawers are holding tools. The saw’s cast iron table has always been smothered in wax so it’s stayed rust free. There’s a little bit of rust though, on the fine adjustment track, but nothing a wire brush can’t sort out. The saw is accurate and sets up nicely. It’s actually the second one I’ve had, the first went straight back to Axminster as it defied all attempts to be set up square.

Hopefully you can see everything clearly in the pictures, but any questions or offers, please PM me.

I would like to move this on in the next couple of weeks. The saw is in a storage facility and I need the space to make way for other stuff. It’s heavy BTW!


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Hi - Do you still have the dust collection shroud and the riving knife? If not, how hard would it be to get one/make one? Any idea? Thanks
I might have the riving knife, I’ll have a look for it. The dust collector went in the bin. I wouldn’t think it would be possible to get a replacement as it was welded in place, I had to grind off a couple of welds to remove. The best thing for the saw would be to make a wooden cabinet with a hole under where the saw will fit - just let the sawdust fall through into a hopper. The dust extraction as standard was hopeless, which is why I went down this route.

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