Triton in the UK - problems?

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Considering their £175 price tag I'm not supprised they've got plenty in stock - that's almost Norwegian retail price ! DM-tools have them listed at £145 although they've probably got none left.
Doesn't sound good about Triton's future - I got similar optimistic but convincing noises from
Silverline have a stand at Ally Pally, featuring Triton products - an ideal opportunity to ask any future-related and spares supply questions you might have.

I can't be there as I'm already committed that weekend, but pop in and ask away if you're there. Paul Hancox from Rugby will be the Triton product demonstrator for this event.

I have had the same problem I have the router and the saw and have been trying to get the workcentre in the end the online shop has admitted they cant supply it so hoping for a refund. Mean while I have ordered it from Woodworking Centre shop. Have to see if they can supply it.
Ive been trying to get some Triton spares for about a month now. Nobody has them. Silverline did ring me back but they were non-commital about wether they would be selling the spares or not. I asked when they would know and it was how long is a piece of string.
Guess it all depends on the parent company now.
Woodworkingcenter is alway helpful but nobody is getting new stock in.
In the latest issue of "The Woodworker" there is a full-page ad for Triton. "Now officially available in the UK" it says.
Philly :D
yeh there's one of them in Good Woodworking. Surely Triton's been available over here for years?
Anyone heard any more on the Triton situation ?
I see for instance that DM-tools are still listing both routers as "temporarily unavailable".
Final update from me.
Thanks to Jake I'm now the proud owner of a used-only-twice MOF001. :D
Being hand carried over by a visiting relative next week.
Thanks again Jake. :wink:
I'm trying to source an 8mm and a 12mm collet for the said MOF001.
DM-tools and the agent in Norway both say they can no longer supply any Triton products and don't know when or if they ever will be able to.
Does anyone have an idea who or where may have such collets in stock ?
I can understand that everyone may have sold out of routers and circular saws but it seems strange that no-one has a collet left on the shelf.
There seemed to be a Triton Stand at Ally Pally today - although i'm not sure if it was a sub-stand of dm tools or something. No idea if that helps...

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