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Just on a more positive note(don't worry my accounts not been hacked!)
When I had a real job(minimum wage was £6/hr) I used to ask how people could make a living doing willow or making yurts. The (now sadly deceased) guy said they just decide its what they want to do. No should I would I could I. They just do it. They need to make this stuff. If you wanted to make money you'd do something else of course. Sometimes it works OK sometimes they have to go back stacking trolleys.....society is trained to attribute value to stuff regardless of its origin, durability and the effort required in its making. I dropped off an item I made last night to a lady who lived localish. She was stunned by the quality and loved it her hubby was less enamoured and wanted to take the mick as he considered it expensive (but was polite enough not to) but his BMW outside I bet his wife considered extravagant.