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It you haven't already got them all the attachments for a Fein Multi tool, the rubber shaped sanding blocks to get into chamfered T&G is a life saver, Multi hole sanding attachment with Abranet discs are amazing for the lack of dust when attached to a shop vac.

A roofing square used mine so much I bought two other size's.
I have all the Fein attachments and I love them.
Is there a tool you use often that is just a cheapy - upgrading that to something really nice means you have something you wouldn’t have bought but will use.
Good suggestion Tom, I have always made do with an old school compass and a pencil for scribing, I saw a thread on here recently about the Tooley Park Scriber and like the look of it so that is on the list.
Question 1. Got a Wood Turning lathe? Yes
Question 2. Got an Engineers lathe? Yes
Question 3. Got a Watchmakers lathe? Yes
Question 4. Got a Pole lathe? Yes

Steak and Chips

This is the list I'm working through for my hubby, currently at question 2 still, there's so many things you can buy for an engineers lathe I'm finding. One day he'll get steak and chips for his birthday.
Doris I think you are a little obsessed with lathes! I do like steak and chips though.
This is a bit of guess what I have got then guess what I might like. My approach with all presents is look at something that is a bit more expensive than you would normally spend or can really justify. For me it would be Liogier or similar rasps
This except the suggestion was battery. Why you'd need battery in the workshop though? Very useful for a mucky workshop

This is the blower. It has variable speed so you can slow it down. I do use it once in a while to blow out the dust especially off the high shelves.