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16 Dec 2010
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I performed a google search for hardwood suppliers in east anglia and Atkins and Cripps of Ely came up with a recommendation from this forum. Unfortunately after making a 2 hour journey to the establishment I found it to have been closed and out of business. Please note other users not to make the same mistake.

Mod edit - Information is incorrect, timber merchant is still in business.
I use Thorogoods in Ardleigh (nr Colchester). I've bought DIY project qtys of American white oak, maple and iroko from them in the past 2 years for projects shown on this forum. they are not necessarily the cheapest but if you call ahead they forklift the pallets with your chosen thicknesses out to the car park for you to pick from.



Whereabouts in East Anglia are you?

I am based on the Norfolk Suffolk Border and can recommend one or two timber suppliers depending upon your location.

Regards and welcome to the forum.

A&C are not out of business. I was just there today for some walnut.

They have actually moved just down the road and have shortened their name, they are "AC Timber". I am guessing you went to the old warehouse if you had just went round the front of it you would have found a note on the door with their phone number.

For reference they are actually on the road you enter the business park on, just keep going straight and they are on the right opposite Bishops move I think.
Thanks for letting me know that they are still in business. Do you know if they are open on Saturdays?
No they only open monday to friday and they are closing on the 22nd until the 4th.

Hope that helps.

http://www.actimber.co.uk/ is their website and it has contact details for them so you can give them a ring if you have trouble finding them.

Here are the coordinates for google maps "52.384987, 0.224957" I've placed the marker on their building. Best to use satellite view so you can actually see it.