Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

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It's a shame that there's a long lead time as I was interested in this saw too. I'm not in a big rush but it sounds like it might be a bit ad hoc as to when they're available in the UK?

If the Harvey(?) isn't available from Woodford, and this isn't available either, then the nearest equivalent is the Axminster Trade AT254TS which is quite a lot more dosh.
The saw base unit is the Harvey HW110LC-50


Sold in the USA by Grzzly: G0833P


and ShopFox (Grizzly online): W1851


Would be good if Axminster started offering these too...
Dicky":3g0zbi4v said:
Pretty good so far. Having said that, I built a sled over the weekend and couldn't get the sled fence to cut 90 degs. After about 10 go's, I decided that maybe the blade was slightly out of alignment and I maybe didn't spend enough time when setting it up. Like I said previously, I would recommend checking the blade alignment before adding the wings etc. I stripped the fence rails and extension wing down and set about undoing the screws that hold the table to the cabinet to tap the table to align the blade. Easier said than done unfortunately, and nothing like you see on Youtube, lol. Anyway, blade aligned, saw put back together and all is good. Sled squared to 0.05mm over 400mm, so good enough for me! Not too sure about the quality of the blade though, so I've ordered a new one and also a dado blade. It's definitely noisier than the Scheppach. Have you ordered one yet?

Hi Dicky, in future you shouldn't need to strip the rails or the remove the extensions to re-align the table with the blade. As you know the rails and extensions are attached to the main table and the rails provide support so undoing 3 of the table bolts and keeping the 4th slightly less than tight (to use as a pivot point so to speak) you can tap the table into alignment, the rails and ext tables will all move together. Shouldn't take more than 15/20 mins.
Looks a great saw.
Dicky":3ac8crkv said:
Unfortunately, these saws have been imported from Australia. Before ordering, I asked about UK compatibility, CE marking, plug type and power supply. I was told that they meet all the UK and European legal requirements, they were 220v and would require a 16 amp supply. In reality, they arrive with a molded Australian plug, are not CE marked and state on the rating plate, 10 amp. So, in theory, a UK 13 amp plug and supply would suffice. For me, the CE marking is not an issue, neither is the fact that no declaration of conformity is issued.

If no CE or dec. of conformity is true, then I will say that's frustrating to say the least for all the brands out there who operate correctly and spend $$$ to ensure we supply legal machines into Europe.

Anyway, just a heads up for those who like to know what's going on in the industry - It's been reported that Baileigh have been bought by JPW (who own Jet) for $150mil ... n-sources/
Got my Dado set today. Ordered from ebay UK on 11 March from the States, £64.42 delivered. It's probably not the best quality, however, for the price I won't quibble. If I get on with it, I may buy a Freud one.[attachment=1]IMG_0179.JPG[/attachment][attachment=0]oWKqTGmnRtGWHKQ7yb0pzA.jpg[/attachment]


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Nice, if you like it check out CMT dados, they are good quality.

I had a bit of luck, found myself a Deft (Harvey) HW110SE with the dovetail trunnion and tin plated top second hand. Comes with dado set. I pick it up in the morning :)


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Last time I looked it was illegal to sell goods inside the EU that are not CE marked. Not sure of the wisdom of promoting products that fragrantly disregard the H&S standards of the country they are selling into......probably why they are cheap.....cut corners, don’t test, don’t have product liability and don’t care are phrases that come to mind. This thread should be locked to stop any further discussion of what is probably an illegal product.
As I stated earlier, Baileigh assured me that the saw met all the requirements, but on arrival, it wasn’t marked as required for the UK. When questioned, they still stated that it had been tested and approved. I did mention about the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 and the requirements and was told they would look into it. They had 4 saws left when I bought mine, but a couple of weeks later they were out of stock. I would like to think that they have pulled the saws to get them marked up. I have just asked for a Declaration of Confirmity certificate, so we’ll see if I get one. I would say though, that the saw appears to meet all the requirements, although not marked. It is of good quality and I have had less safe, CE marked cheap table saws in the past. I also wouldn’t say that Baileigh were by any means ‘cowboys’ or ‘fly by nights’. I suppose though that this will be ratified if I ever have any problems with the saw and seek to use there customer support arrangements.
Dicky":2s08zctv said:
As I stated earlier, Baileigh assured me that the saw met all the requirements

If you had no rear take off table supplied, then I can pretty much guarantee you your saw is non-CE.

That's only one thing for starters looking at your pics.

Let's see if you get any Dec of Conformity from them..

It's not a bad generic saw & your call if you are happy to risk any issues with HSE

I have spent a long time sorting a saw for CE and as previously said, if other importers 'wing it' it's not only illegal but frustrating to everyone else who correctly make the required legal modifications before importing.

Sorry Nick, but as I said earlier, the saw is not for company use so I would have no reason to be worried about the HSE. Forgive my ignorance, but since when does a table saw have to have a rear take off table? My last Scheppach had one as an optional extra. I appreciate it is frustrating when other companies cut corners and I suppose at this moment in time it would appear that Baileigh have... until I get the C of C (I'll not hold my breath). However, if I was to import a saw from the states, or anywhere else for that matter, I would be in no worse a state than I am now. The saw has the best dust extraction I have seen in a saw, the blade stops well within the required 10 seconds, the electrics meet all the UK requirements and it has all the relevant guarding and riving knife set ups (better than the Scheppach TS2500CI). Don't get me wrong; I'm not condoning the miss-selling that has taken place. Had I known that it didn't have a C of C and CE marking, I would not have gone through with the purchase. During the set up, I wasn't particularly bothered about checking for this as I was under the impression that all was above board. It was only after, when I noticed the Australian plug, that I decided to look closer. Now that I have it, it is the best saw I have ever had and I won't be sending it back because of lack of certification. I have a years warranty to decide if there is going to be any issues with it. My day job is H & S and trust me, if I thought there was any hazard with me using this, then it would be repacked and shipped back by now.
Dicky":146acevq said:
Sorry Nick, but as I said earlier, the saw is not for company use so I would have no reason to be worried about the HSE. Forgive my ignorance, but since when does a table saw have to have a rear take off table?

Hi Dicky,

My understanding is there should be a minimum distance from centre of spindle to the end of the table for EN 1870-19:2013 (Annex F) - I know we had to put an out-feed on to get a pass.

There is a lot of hidden detail too in getting CE on what is classed as an Annex IV saw (And I take your point as your saw is for home use and if you'd have bought direct from say USA then yes you would not have had CE anyway).

Your saw may well have CE, I don't know, but I was just pointing out there were a lot of modifications we had to do to import - I've got a 91 page pdf test report showing the amount of detail required which I'm happy to e-mail if you want to see it.

Don't get me wrong either, you've got a good solid saw there and I'm glad you are pleased with it - there's been a gap in the market for some time for heavy duty 'American style' cast iron saws over here. Yes it is the Fusion 2 & 3 I am bringing in - we have CE on them now.

Thanks Nick, I wouldn't mind a copy of the requirements (I'm a bit of an anorak when it comes to legislation, lol). I had a hunt last night and noticed that Yandles are waiting for the Laguna 2 to come into stock. Is the 3 the 3 hp one? I do like the look of the Laguna's though and think they have some really good safety features. Baileigh still have the Professional version of mine and a rebadged copy of the Harvey in stock, but I have no idea about their pedigree. I will get back to them about the Declaration if I have not heard by Wednesday. The saws were surplus Australian stock and Australia has an agreement with the EU regarding certification whereby they have the same standards and can CE mark machinery for export there rather than waiting for it to come into Europe and having it certified here. Mine clearly wasn't though.
I had said to Baja-king that I had heard of Deft saws, but couldn't remember where from. It was actually a company called Lyndhurst that supplied them. I had bought a contractor saw from them in 2004/5, but had problems with it. They weren't keen to accept a return, but it also wasn't CE marked, soI played that card and got it returned and refunded.
I'm in two minds about what saw to get here. I want the router table attachment that come with the Axminster version, as well as the dado set, router lift and zero clearance insert all available with Axminster, buts what preventing me from taking the plunge is the lack of a left hand extension. Axminster seem to assume that I would want the sliding table when I don't. Would I be better going with Baleigh? Can I get the router table extension from elsewhere and can I buy a left hand extension for the Axminster version?
Personally I think that Axminster are making a mistake by selling the saw as a package rather than selling the base saw (with both extension tables) It’s what prompted me to get a second hand Harvey as I wanted to use the Incra LS-TS table saw and router combo. The router extension on the Axminster saw is sized to take the UKJ insert only, it is the wrong size to accept the Incra or Woodpeckers lifts...
While I love my saw, Baileigh are still dragging their heels regarding the Declaration of Conformity and are in denial that it is a legal requirement to supply one in the UK. I’m not bothered in the slightest, but it’s the principle. Would I have bought one from them knowing about the lack of compliance? Probably, as apart from that, they appear to be a reputable company (outside of the UK anyway). The tables are a standard 27 inches, any other manufacturers wings or attachments should fit, albeit with a bit of fettling.
I think the other issue is whether you can even get hold of one of the Baileigh saws as they're out of stock. I haven't called them - does anyone have an ETA on a future batch?

I'm in the process of getting power put into the room which will be my workshop, so I will probably start thinking about this seriously very soon...
If you wanted one without the router attachment and sliding table, the have them at £2622 inc VAT, with the 50” extension
I just spoke to them and yes they do have the ts 1020ws in stock, they're going to check if they can get one with the left wing as opposed to the sliding table. Pretty helpful really, and would be exactly what I m after.

I assume that the router insert would be a more standard size so I could pick whichever router insert I want?

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