Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

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The router attaches to the base of the table as opposed to being fitted to a drop in plate
Indeed, which means getting under the table to adjust the height, no option to upgrade to a router lift at a later stage due to the table being cast...
The Axminster with the UKJ lift would be a preferable option for me. I have recently ordered some replacement parts for my Harvey (Deft) saw from Axminster, they said they would take 8 weeks. I'm sure they could give you a price on the left hand table extension, especially if you are going to purchase a £2.5k saw. Remember that with the Axminster delivery is included in the price and it comes with a 3 year warranty as opposed to Baileigh's 1 year warranty...
You'd think they would. Had an email convo today about it. I'm planning on spending 3k in total and they actually went as far as to say there's no where I could even source the left hand wing from. Suppose I could make one, pretty annoying really tho.
If you are spending upwards of 3K and they are not helpful, go somewhere else, they don't deserve your business.
Get Hands Dirty has left a review on the site regarding this saw. She also isn't happy about no left hand extension and she also cant work out where to put the power button if you don't take the sliding table as an option.
I don't know how long this is available - but Axminster now has a version without the sliding table and router extension, albeit on backorder: ... saw-105573

I don't know if the left extension table will be available in the future as an option.

Interestingly it also seems to have a dust shroud below the blade instead of the traditional "old style" cabinet dust collection, which would be another plus for me!
Seems like they really have not left/right extensions available right now, bc this new version even comes with a phenolic right hand side extensions instead of the cast iron extension every other of these saws seem to have. Strange.
As the Baleigh does not acccomadate a router lift I'm going with the Axi and I'll make a wing for the left and live in hope that Axi stock it at some point in the future.
Good decision. :)

This is the guy I've been dealing with if it helps. Darren Peach, Specialist Sales Advisor, Axminster.

[email protected]

I went through the process of contacting Harvey direct who told me that all sales in the UK need to go through Axminster as they are now the official dealer for the UK, Axminster were a little unresponsive to begin with but have come good.

Below is an extract from the current HW110LGE manual (the new version of the saw I own) if you send an email F.A.O Darren asking for a quote for part 174 hopefully you'll get a price. They should be the same

Best of luck :)

Mine has a better spec motor ,2.2kw, and a different on/off button. This newer axi one seems to be the equivalent of baileigh's hybrid saw
Interesting to see how Baileigh have taken prices down off their website, When I spoke to them about buying the same saw as Dicky, Simon the sales executive at Baileigh was genuinely surprised that the saws were selling so well...

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