The future of scroll saws

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19 Feb 2015
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North Cumbria
You can now use your Record bandsaw, certain models with a very narrow blade using Coronet Cobra Bandsaw Scroll Guide System

The question is going to be are the blades any good as the blades normally supplied by record have to be replaced, I use Tuffsaw blades but do they sell in this size.

It opens up new potential for our bandsaws though if wanting to cut tight curves without buying a scroll saw.
I’m guessing that most of us, even if we have a choice of different bandsaw blades to pick from, don’t actually change blades to use the perfect one for the next cut to be done. I mostly use the same one. But I do also have and use a small delta bandsaw if cutting small radius curves, and also have a scroll saw. If you have the space it’s just easier.
Same argument i guess as combi’s versus dedicated function tools.
I've never used a scroll saw but my understanding is that you can unhook the blade, pop it through a hole and cut the inside of patterns, the RP Bandsaw adapter won't do that so it's only of use to do intricate outlines, it's not a replacement for everything a scroll saw can do.