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5 Oct 2014
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Had a similar one from r/p advising certain r/p bandsaws can be used for scrolling with the appropriate extra kit . Worth know for those like me with a small shop but the kits seemed a bit expensive..
Just checked and it’s the same email £174. 00
Surely one of the main purpose‘s of a scroll saw is that the blade can be “threaded through” the work piece so the inside of a shape can be cut eg: drill a hole and put the blade though the centre of it so you can cut the middle out of a circle without having to cut through its perimeter?
This just dropped into my email.
Allows any saw(I think any sized saw) to take new band scroll blades.
It doesnt say what the max depth, but one of the pics is showing it cutting what looks like 5", and I suppose if you dont force the cut, and a nice sharp blade, it might cut to the limit of your saw.

See this thread over on the Scroll Sawing Section:
I've used (but don't own) the Carter Products 'STABILISER' - it works REALLY well in hardwoods and is great for making bandsaw boxes.

Here's a clip by 'Mr Bandsaw' himself - Alex Snodgrass: