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27 Feb 2023
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Being new to the world of wood cutting I'm looking to make a few basic shape designs as mentioned in a few recent posts. The types of wood I will be cutting are approx 20mm plywood and actual wood log slices 25mm thick.

What are the benefits of using a scroll saw when compared with something like a laser cutter that can cut perfect shapes and in a much faster time. Obviously I understand there is a cost factor in some of the newer laser cutters available, but are there any areas pros where using a scroll saw is more beneficial to that of of a laser cutter? I'm watching various YouTube videos for beginners regarding scroll saws and like the fact something is made by hand as opposed to a machine doing all the work but at the same time looking for any other pros as to what a scroll saw can offer.
I personally dislike the burnt edge you get from a laser, the scroll saw if used correctly does not suffer this.

I suppose it depends on the finish as if painting then it would hide the burnt edge, but I know what you mean. I had some plain mdf wood blank shapes cut for me recently and the smell was quite over bearing and whist I was told it would only last a few days, I would say weeks. It didn't really bother me as such as I was warned but I know there are some customers that would possibly have something to say especially if it was something sitting in a living room.
You will struggle cutting 20-25mm with a laser…

Mine will cut 10mm oak and some of the newer ones make claims up to 13-18mm