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27 Feb 2023
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As per previous posts i'm new to working with wood and still have not got around to investing in any set up. I do hope to once I can start selling a few items. A lot of what I make and hope to sell is relatively easy to produce and are simple wood shapes. I'm currently looking for unfinished birch plywood sheets 12mm-15mm thick that will incorporate a small polaroid style photo on one side (attached using a magnet) and some printed text to one side of the photo. (I have the print set up suitable for wood just not a method of cutting wood). The opposite side of the wood sheet will either be hung on wall or placed onto a mantle piece using a tab inserted to rear like in the picture (this is a picture sold by a seller of a similar item so it doesn't have to be the same).

What might be the simplest method of cutting out a section like this in a thin piece of wood? I don't mind investing in something relatively cheap to cut something out of the back but maybe the seller has laser cut a section out the back I really don't know and I can't afford a laser cutter at the moment.

I'd be quite happy to buy these finished directly from someone if they are able to help and I'd consider buying long term regular orders of size 6x8" and 8x10" sheets with the addition of using some kind of tab in the back to make it stand upright.

Looking forward to any advice or possible quotes.


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It depends what sort of shaped hole you're after. If square/rectangular, a jigsaw or coping saw would work. If rounded, a router or domino.

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