making simple unfinished wood picture frames - what set up for a newbie?

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You will find a powered mitre saw is not accurate enough for picture frames, a Nobex hand mitre saw would be better, but both do not let you fine trim the angle to get an accurate joint, that is where a mitre slice machine come in, Axminster do a reasonable version, joining the frame needs a overhead frame nailer small versions are available, (as above) do have a look on the "Lion picture frame" site for guidance, FYI if you get a frame joiner you don't need band clamps.
Just came to the realisation I have not used any of the above for over a year and can't see my doing so, if anyone is interested PM me, I am in Kent if needed to collect, also lots of other picture framing paraphernalia.
Eighteen minutes to say what could have been said in five, and listening to the Rabit about Rabits was appalling, as it's American you expect there not to be a saw blade guard, IMO these videos ought to be banned from UK Workshop.
Just catching up with this and thought of something else- if buying an underpinner make sure that the required V nails are still available. Some became obsolete recently I only know as I picked up a treadle operated guillotine (magnolia version) and an underpinner together. This forum was very helpful in identifying the underpinner so I was quickly able to check with suppliers like Lion that v nails were still available. Paid £150 for both if that helps indicate what is out there

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