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For Sale Bandsaw kit for sale


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20 Feb 2022
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Bourne Lincolnshire
Evening, Not sure if anyone saw my posting on the general forum but I was asking advice on what sort of price I could expect to get for my bandsaw and dust extractor. The story is I'm an 86 year old pensioner and about 18 months back I bought a Record BS300E bandsaw and the wheel kit although I still found it difficult to move over the carpeted floor in my garage so my son whose an engineer fitted larger heavy duty castors so it now moves effortlessly. I had also bought a sheppach dust extractor and two Tuffsaw blades to go with the ones supplied by Record and the saw still has 31/2 years warranty to run.

Anyhow shortly afterwards I had a nasty fall and broke my back and was then told I had Osteoporosis which means any fall now could result in a broken bone. I found just trying to stand at the saw or bend down for timber was painful so I haven't used it since. So, in effect, I doubt the saw has run for more than an hour so it really is as good as brand new with not a mark on it. The cheapest I've seen the saw at the moment is £650 and the Sheppach £120 plus the wheel kit castors and Tuffsaw blades. So as I see it, you would be looking at having to pay out in the region of about £800 to buy it all at todays prices

The lads on on the general forum reckon I should ask between £500 and £600 for the lot but I do understand that carriage as to be taken into consideration as well, although my lad say's two reasonably fit guys could lift this into the back on a van which would also be a lot safer than trusting the carriers with it.

So, I'm thinking, everything is as brand new but in effect it's not new so has to be priced accordingly. I'm therefore asking just £450 for the whole lot which still leaves plenty for someone to come over with a van and pick it up.
Thank you Lax, actually I'm 86 but they're only years in the mind eh. I was brought up in a tough Yorkshire mining village in the 30s and on where it was seen as a weakness to complain.
I remember as a kid moaning of tooth ache and my dear old dad, a lifelong miner, saying, if you trapped your finger in the door you wouldn't you worry about your toothache
Yorkshire Logic
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