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Thanks Waka


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27 Jul 2005
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Had a good time today with the purchase of my P/T. Nice to meet Waka and Martin early this morning and coffee on straight away which is a good sign.

Got shown the use of the Tormek grinder whilst sharpening the P/T blades, does look a good bit of kit and this is being added to the list, but at the bottom. :wink:

Did also get to use a few of the veritas hand planes. The No.7 jointer i've never used before and i have to say what a lovely plane that is. I can understand how people move to hand tools when they own one of these. I also used the low angle Jack, and this is already on my list ( half way up). I can see the quality between this sort of plane and the cheap stuff around too.

I got warned, and my have to attend on a different day, but i was noted NOT to walk around with Phily at AP. I don't think i'll have a problem purchasing alot of the toys i did see today and with encouragement i think i will be deadly.

By the way, set the P/T up straight away as i got home and hit it with some 3" walnut, nice clean faces.

Thanks for the good day