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15 Mar 2020
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Morning all,

I am collecting a second hand Tormek T4 today and have a couple of questions for anyone that uses them.

It comes with the original Aluminium Oxide stone but looks like its not been used a a while and is brown, is this easy to clean up or does it not really matter?

It does not come with the Anti Corrosion Concentrate, is this required or an alternative choice.

It will be mainly used for sharpening chisels, planes and possibly kitchen knives at some point, any usage tips to keep it in good shape would be welcome.


The brown discolouration will be from fine iron particles but it's nothing to worry about. Does the machine come with a regrading stone and a dressing bar? If so, you'll be wanting to clean it up anyway.
I've only ever used clean water without any additive. The corrosion inhibitor will only help with the rust staining but IMO not worth the effort. Just use clean water on each session and remember to drop the tank after use. If the stone is fully dried out it takes a surprising amount of water to resoak it.
I have a much older Tormek that I bought second hand and I would recommend removing the stone and smearing a bit of copper grease on the shaft before refitting. The design or materials may have changed but it was not unusual for corrosion to form on the shaft, making stone replacement difficult.
You can now buy an upgraded stainless steel shaft to stop the corrosion issue.
If the old shaft is left long enough, the rust can build up and crack the stone. So rust prevention is a very good idea.
Investing in a stone trueing diamond jig is helpful. They cost a bit, and I used mine at least a couple of time a year. If you do get one take the shallowest cut on each pass, this way the diamond grader/cutter will last longer. I now use diamond wheels.
I had to replace my first stone as it had worn down over many years. I found that the stone had rusted into the shaft and so had to get a new shaft as well as a new stone. Not a cheap fix! But as said previously use clean water, and always drain the water off at the end of each grind session as leaving the stone in the water softens it and causes distortion when you use it next time. The brown staining isn't an issue. And also true the stone to get it back to level - i have the Tormek truing device (bought many years ago!) Tormek TT-50 Diamond Truing Device with Screw Feed - Norfolk Saw Services