Thoughts on record power wetstone grinder

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20 Aug 2019
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Hi everyone

I have seen tormek in action and was quite impressed. But for rare use, does anyone have any thoughts on the record power 8" one?

Usage will be just the usual - chisels, plane blades and occasional knives (I'm aware you need special jigs)
Wondered if anyone here has got one and can share their experience and thoughts.

I had one of these....used once for 5 mins then packed up. Checked the inside to find the motor case ends made from plastic and the studs holding them together had simply come apart...more Chinese cheese.
I had previousy got a "cheapie" from Aldi for £70, but after getting it home I thought I would return it and spend more money to get something of better quality which I assumed the Record version would wrong. Luckily returned it for a full refund....won't be going there again anytime soon...
Thanks @fleyh and @Stevebod for the videos and thoughts.

You are right, it looks like something that is likely to not survive my use, however rarely.

I will just stick to hand sharpening until such a time I can afford a tormek!
I am a fan of waterstone grinding but 8 inches is a rather smal stone which will soon wear out. If the rest of the machine hasn't worn out even sooner.

My main waterstone grinder is an old Alimak which is approaching the "ship of theseus" stage. The motor and the frame and the water trough and the grinding support have all been shifted out along the way. The cast iron worm gearbox with bronze wheel looks like it will last forever. It has a 50 cm natural Orsa sandstone wheel. I find it easier and faster to grind freehand on a larger wheel. I also like the old style coarse sandstone wheels because they work faster than the fine synthetic wheels that are so trendy theese days.

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