I bagged a few 2nd hand bargains this week.


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13 Aug 2022
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A chap not too far from home is clearing out lots of his tools, he's a retired joiner and is moving on his bits and pieces prior to moving home at some point.

So far I've bagged a fence that he said was from a spindle moulder? I've got it fitted to the mitre fence on my table saw. It's 1 metre long and it extends if needs be. It looks bit big on my saw. 😀 For the £10 asking price I couldn't resist. I also got a used Bosch heat gun for a fiver, a selection of saw tooth forstner bits, the largest being 54mm (just big enough for my chuck) for another fiver.

I popped over to see him again after work today and got some more goodies, some of them I might not get around to using for some time, but I couldn't turn them down for £15 (2nd photo).

He's got a few planes available too, although I haven't bitten (yet). I think one of them might be a Stanley No 5? I've got a No 4 already, would a No 5 be worth getting?



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