What tool should I buy next?


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Would you consider a tape measure a tool? I do , so in my shop I have them clipped on to a bracket at every work area. Bright coloured tapes , easy to spot. Just remember to put them back .
Lots of good advice in here that I won't rehash, but I wanted to jump in on the Parkside Tracksaw suggestions. I've had mine for years now and it's incredible value for money. The tracks are far too short and you will quickly get annoyed and crave something longer, but the saw itself is excellent. I bought a makita track and some very long evolution tracks. The saw doesn't actually fit those tracks out of the box, but you can cut some of the back of the base away and it works perfectly then. As it's only aluminium I actually used the table saw, something I severely regret not filming (for all the angst it would generate), but a file would do the job also.

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