suggestions for both a track saw, and a table saw would be appreciated (please)

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5 Jan 2020
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I have a Worx plunge saw (their Pro model). It's OK but lacks the option to cut at an angle; and also no suitable track system for it. Also have an Evolution circular saw which does a good job; but again no designated or apparently compatible tracks for it.

So looking to replace one or both of the above - so as to have track systems...

Also considering a modest but accurate etc. table saw - about which I have zero knowledge. Having seen them used in one of favourite timber merchants I'm seriously thinking about one - but withouthaving to subsist on bread 'n water for a while to cover the cost

Usage would for better than basic DIY - I always aim for a more professional tools and output; within my modest retirement budget limits.

Any/all thoughts/suggestions much appreciated... 😽

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