Evolution circ. saw with track or Mac plunge saw?


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I have many of the Evo tools. Including the track saw and mitre saw. I bought the fine wood blade for woodwork. And use the multi blade for everything else. There are deals from time to time which make the Evo kit very attractive. Also if you phone them you get real people. All tech help is free. Alan knows all of their tools inside out and has helped me on numerous occasions.
Their warranty is also great. 3 years on saws and they collect, repair and return in a few days if you ever need it.
👍. Thanks. It's the deals that kept coming through on my Facebook feed that eventually got me looking. Various kits/reductions at the moment. No tool os 100% perfect - found that out over the past 50+ years - but there are ways around it 😉. Just had an email informing me of some "refurbished" tools being available. Digging deeper 😉. Noticed the 3 years warranty and good to hear younget a real person if/when needed 👍

Q. Is your mitre saw the 255 double bevel or single? I'm presently dithering over single or double... Appreciate the reason for the double but can't decide if it is worth the extra cost. One of the tings I'm trying to list pros and cons for 🤔🙂
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My one comment/complaint with the EVO is the (sort of) F style clamps used to hold the track steady. I feel they're a bit flimsy. I don't often over tighten things but these are so easily over tightened and bend. They don't need to be too tight as the rubber strips under the track really do stop them moving around but IMHO the clamps could be better. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the EVO.
Worth being aware of - thanks 👍
I have the Evo circ saw and tracks and I’m in love-hate relationship with it. Ive upgraded the blade for finer woodworking cuts. It’s mostly fine. But to echo everyone else - not for fine woodwork. I’ve had a hell of a time with the splinter strips coming off - which is a real pain and makes it difficult to get accurate cuts. I order new strips direct from evolution and the glue was already slimey when they arrived so didn’t stay stuck. Got my money back - but I’ve been cleaning off and using contact adhesive…. It’s a real hassle. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky. The dust collection is poor too. All that said - it’s enabled me to make things that I’ve wanted - even if ive had to do extra steps to sort out the edges at times. Thinking about upgrading to a cordless plunge.
Thanks for your information - sorry to hear of the issue with the strips. Something I'm now aware of and keeping an eye out for.
Don't know of any circ saw or mitre saw that has decent extraction from the go. Have seen a few YouTube videos of some trying to Improve and design better extraction on mitre saw they've got.
Appreciate your input and, although a love-hate relationship I'll take it as being more for than against 👍
I'm a bit of an Evolution fan as they do tend to make good kit at an affordable price. Have the mobile table saw and a mitre saw and bought a track saw and never really got on with it. Found it a bit awkward to use. So saved some pennies and bought a battery powered Makita track saw (had some batteries from a drill/driver kit) and the difference was amazing, lighter, moves a lot smoother, easier to set up, no cable to catch and makes me wish I'd waited instead of buying the Evo saw, although didn't have the batteries then.

f you do go down the Evo route then a better blade would probably improve things, maybe waxing the base and tracks, which are pretty good for the price and I've bought some longer ones to use with my Makita.
Thanks @MrBear for your feedback. Im still dithering and looking at the other options. Ill take a look at the Makita but will probably find it out of my price range. Being 72 and a bit I'd not get the use for cost ratio...
Evo are doing battery operated in their range of tools - offering double batteries until 31st July. That's another thing to add to the mix to try and decide on 😉. Also some of the bundles come with an additional blade for finer cuts. Decisions, decisions...

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