I just want a nice METRIC ONLY comination square


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make the claim made on this thread that they are made in Germany.
Since it was me that said that, let me also point you to my subsequent post:
Good point. Mine don't have a country of manufacture marked on them, so they probably are made elsewhere. Thanks.

That said, they are good accurate squares and metric only
I have been on a quite annoying search today for a nice quality combo 300mm square in metric only, I would not have expected it to be so hard to find one.
The Empire one I have is adequate but getting super worn, hard to read and I have never really loved the markings on it, no one seems to do the same one now anyway.

It looks like I will have to buy a Starrett to get one I like.

Axminster do one but it is not nice quality, the Moore and Wright and Mitutoyo don`t seem to come in metric only which means the end of the rule is flush with the slightly longer imperial measurements.
PEC are highly recommended in the USA and apparently make some for other brands too but can only find inch ones.
There is quite a good one from RS components I may consider but it doesn`t have the nice chrome surface I want.
Igaging from woodworkers workshop has inches on it.
I looked at this thing https://trigjig.co.uk/collections/c...ducts/glyder-125-combination-square-body-only
which looks kind of nice but the premise of the design is a bit odd, the thing is they have" been made the same way for over 100 years " for a reason Starrett designed it well and it works. I didn`t like the fact that you can`t access the full length of the blade without taking the ruler out like on a normal square.
The Bridge city design looks great with its stainless head but it is silly money and no one sells them in the UK.

So looks like a Starrett C11 MEH 300 or the C33 MH 300 are my options.

Is there something I am missing here, I have plenty of different squares in the workshop but I need a normal combi square in my van/ toolbox.

I would have thought metric only should be the default and you should have to "find" an imperial one, I thought I was going mad.

Rant over

I spotted the

Starrett C33MH-150 Forged​

super reduced on Amazon and bit the bullet. Usually I'd pick up one of my highly accurate hardened Matsui squares but since picking up the Starrett I tend to favour it over the Matsui. Very nice to use.
Slight tangent but Woodgrafter posted a good little video yesterday about checking your combi squares for accuracy.
Interestingly (and it is not a full scientific test) the Starrett was not quite at 45 degrees but was spot on at 90 iirc, the Benchdogs combi was perfect as was the Woodpeckers, and the others (including another Benchdogs square) were out. As one of the comments already on there says - the pencil used was a bit thick so maybe not as accurate as needed, but an interesting test all the same. He also explains the trigonometry at the end, took me back to maths many years ago!