Pocket Hole screws - where to purchase?


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Really I was hoping someone else would manufacture screws like this so I didn't have to pay the Kreg premium. But alas!
The Kreg screws are not really expensive when you compare to the other fasteners out there, £16 for 250 screws. The Heco CC are £43 per 100 !

What I would also suggest is to purchase a couple of the driver bits at the same time, the Kreg ones do fit snug which reminds me to actually measure that driver because it might be imperial and why some of my other square bits do not fit well.
I used my Kreg pocket hole jig to make large barn doors and I used ordinary plated screws. There is no sign of these failing after almost 10 years. If the intended use is outdoors furniture I would stop the "head recess" with a decent water resistant filler. I just would not use any steel screws if using oak outside.