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20 Aug 2019
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Hi all

Last year when I was feeling particularly idiotic and had my brain turned off (happens more often than one might think!) I misunderstood the function of this part on my Axminster Thicknesser and "modified" it to a point where I can't use it effectively.

This part x 2 on the machine has two angled holes each and there are spring pins going through them which goes into the main body. This acts as a hold down clamp on the indeed table to keep it down.
(Shown pointed by a pencil)

For the past year, I have lived with it but the indeed table can move because of this, so I have been clamping it with a G clamp to the main body. This might be kicking the indeed table off square but keeping it steady.

Anyway, I called up Axminster, Record Power and others who made the clones of this Thicknesser but none of them supply the spares anymore.

Does anyone here have a busted saw which is destined to the skip / sold as seen type of deal that can serve as an organ donor?

I can't even get hold of an original part so I can replicate the exact dimensions and holes.

If someone has a saw like this (Record Power, Elektra Beckham, Axminster), and are willing to give me some dimensions, that would also be deeply appreciated.

Anyone up to helpout a simpleton???