Spalted wood

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polyethylene glycol-1000
Ideally in a large enough pot and a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump speeds up the process.

"If you want to stabilize chainsaw sculptures that are dry or are drying, immersing the piece in a 25% solution of PEG for several months will keep the wood from developing cracks after it dries."

Most finishes do not soak into the timber any more than a few mm at best. Easy to show.
If you use oil, or shellac,no matter how thin and then cut through the timber, it shows how much it has really soaked in and it isnt much,
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I have no wish to disagree with such a distinguished turner as Richard Raffan but Dr Sara Robinson, who is a Professor of wood anatomy who specialises in spalting specifically states that it is a fallacy. She has done a number of Youtube videos on the subject.
- (19m 48s)
- (16m 42s)

Well done with those bowls. Nice job.

Thanks for the info., Robbo. It once again shows what a valuable resource this forum is. Much appreciated.