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Sorry in advance- a dust extraction question


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14 Aug 2020
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North Bucks
To start I would like to state I am a novice when it comes to dust extraction but realise its too important to cock up. I have scoured the forums here and looked at too many websites from sellers and find my self going round in circles. I have read all of Mr Pentz website and throughly scared the so and so out of myself :eek: whilst ending up confused.

Currently I have a Axminster AC2606B bandsaw with a 100mm dust extraction port and a Triton bobbin sander with a 38mm dust port. Both are used as a hobby interest. I currently have a Trend respirator and a scheppach HA1000 extractor, everything is indoors in a room of 30m3 (fully converted garage) and obviously I only ever use one machine at a time and I am more than happy to move the hose when and if needed.

I have realised that the Scheppach purchase was a mistake when it comes to the bandsaw as it only has a 183m3 flow rate and the AC2606B has a requirement for 1000m3 according to Axminster. (In my defence I purchased the collector intending to buy a smaller bandsaw with a lower requirement but ended up buying a more powerful model without checking the extraction requirement, my fault but hey ho I am where I am).

I am trying to get some form of dust collection and I am considering buying a collector that will work with the bandsaw as currently little to nothing is pulled from the bandsaw and therefore I am considering four different items.

charnwood-w696cf-1micron cartridge filter 750W 1020m3 (£281)
sip-01952-1-hp-trade-dust-collector- 5 micron bag 750W 1500m3 (£200 + replacement bag)
scheppach-hd12-dust-extractor-(filter level not quoted) 750W 1150m3 (£195 + replacement bag)
Fox F50-842 2hp Dust Extractor- 35 microns 1500W 2529m3 (£239+replacement bag)

Some of these models dont have "fine filters" but I am prepared to upgrade the bag or add a cartridge as necessary for between £30 and £100. I am really leaning towards the Charnwood as it appears to offer the best value for money (although cost is not the main concern within reason). Obviously I would rather not over buy a more powerful and expensive machine than neccessary both in outlay and running costs.

Does anyone have any experience of these machines good or bad, am I missing something vital or obvious or indeed just completely getting this wrong any insight would be welcome.

Many thanks