Chip extractor for Sedgwick PT260 for a single garage workshop

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26 Sep 2016
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Hi folks,

I bought a second-hand PT260 at the end of last year. Unfortunately, I have been bogged down with house renovation and haven't touched it since.
I am now seeing the end of the renovation so I am looking into organising the garage and need a chip extractor. Space is premium, and I would prefer one with a fine dust filter. I plan to have it running to extract from the PT, a bandsaw and a router table but only one machine will be on at once. I also have a 16amp outlet but that is going for the PT so needs to be 13amp

Any suggestions on what to buy? This looks like a good fit but I am worried about how close the stated extraction is compared to the requirements. I am sure the real extraction will be a lot worse once you plug a few tubes and it would also require to downsize the PT outlet from 125mm to 100mm. So is there anything out there that would be a better fit? Main priorities are noise and space occupied and I have a budget that can stretch to about £750.

Also any suggestions for a mobile base? Should I build one is there a decent one pre-built from Axminster, Scott Sargeant, etc?