Dust extractor filter bag?


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28 Aug 2016
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Prompted by the other dust extraction thread I have a question I would like some opinions/advice on.

I have a Jet DC1100 dust extractor which I use on my planer and spindle moulder, it just has a cloth bag for a filter. I keep thinking about upgrading the bag on it to one of the cartridge type filters with a paddle but they aren't cheap and I do hear mixed reviews of them.
An alternative idea I have had (and what I want opinions on) is getting a bigger 'floppy' filter bag for the extractor. The extractor never moves and I have loads of headroom so I could fit for example a 2m high filter bag to the extractor and suspend it from the ceiling above.
Dust Spares sell such bags for about £45, would a bigger bag be an upgrade over the standard cloth bag that is probably 800mm high? Would a bigger bag let the extractor breathe better and not clog as quickly as the smaller one? The planer and spindle are only used with real wood so none of that nasty MDF dust.

This kind of thing


Any thoughts?
You will hate me but....

The bigger bag will allow your DC to "breath" easier so that is a good thing. What I do not see is how fine a dust particle they will filter out. You want a 1 micron bag, nothing bigger. One thing to keep in mind is getting a tight seal between the bag and metal ring is often awkward so they leak from there. The telltale plumes like a solar flare on the ring are a giveaway. Better is a cartridge and naturally bigger or multiple are better. Rather than the Asian made filters with paddles that are difficult to get a meaningful rating look into British made ones. You will have to clean them with compressed air or a leaf blower as they won't have a paddle which will wear holes in the filter media. Better, you can attach a vibrator to shake the dust out as needed. Both filter companies will help you with selection. MERV 15 or better desired. Also tell them you will be blowing the air from inside towards the outside of the filter, opposite most industrial uses. Then they can place the media for that airflow.




An example of how you could mount it.